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Welcome to Journeys, where you will be provided personalized roadmaps to explore life’s possibilities. With an interactive user-interface, similar to Google Maps™, you will be able to create a roadmap to successfully navigate through K-12, CTE, college/university, military service and certificate training, receiving personalized assistance along the way to ultimately reaching your desired career! Lets take a look at how it works.

Your interests

Your interests help drive exploration. Take a quick interest survey to see what careers might catch your attention.



Search smart

Prefer to start with a simple search? No problem! Meet our search bar. Type in a career you’re interested in, or maybe a skill you want to learn, and like magic locations on the map start getting highlighted.



Map exploration

Want to see the full depth of the map? Go ahead and zoom in and see the over 1,800 occupations, as well as related degree and certification options.



Where do you want to go?

Here’s where things get really fun. Choose a map location, such as an occupation. You are now exposed to valuable data and resources, such as employment trends, related skills and abilities, certification needed and real-time job and internship postings.



How do you get there?

The goal destination is set, but getting there seems hard. Pick a starting point, like ninth grade, and we’ll highlight college, military, CTE and certification Journeys that will guide you to your destination!

Tools for your journey
Your Journey is mapped out, now it’s time to access videos, games, quizzes (and more!) that will help the you learn the skills necessary to successfully reach your destination.



Your dashboard

Whether you’ve created one Journey, or 100, your personalized dashboard is your one stop shop to keep all of your information organized, making it easy to stay on track…and even share your great progress with others!

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