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The next generation of mapping technology has arrived

From the beginning of human civilization, maps have helped us understand the world around us. Maps communicate where to find cities, states, oceans and countries. We can record the places we have been and even start a bucket list of sights we want to visit in the future. Maps are a vehicle for our collective wisdom. Today, we use apps to give us turn-by-turn directions to find destinations anywhere in the world. What can be better? Now imagine an interactive map that works the same way, but for learning, by guiding your navigation to a desired occupation. Welcome to Journeys.


Maps show you the world. You can view countries, states, cities and neighborhoods, or even find out who lives in the house next door. You are in charge.

Learning maps allow you to do the same thing with life’s possibilities. Maybe begin with a career interest you want to explore and type it into the search bar. Or, be adventurous and drill into the map directly, where you will be exposed to over 1,800 career opportunities. The world really is your oyster.


You’ve used your map to explore various destinations for your next vacation, but in order to pick the perfect spot you really need to learn more about what each location has to offer. After all, you don’t want to plan the perfect island adventure in the middle of rainy season!

Journeys knows you need to understand the details of your learning adventure to plan your dreams. Pick any location on the map and Journeys provides you with valuable information, such as expected income and certifications needed for careers, or tuition and graduation rate for institutions.


Your research is done and you are ready to book that trip! You choose the fastest route by taking a plane, but others might pick the longer train route in order to enjoy the sights. No one path is right for everyone, but each will successfully get you there.

A career has been selected and you are ready to start your Journey. Some people might be interested in a college degree, others might be more fit for military or a certification program. That’s why Journeys provides multiple routes, exposing turn-by-turn directions and digital resources along the way. Learn a concept, earn a badge, get certified, graduate and become a leader in your chosen career.

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